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Frequently asked questions for Agents

Q. How much will the public app cost?

A. When launched the public app will be free.

Q. How many people will be able to follow/view the live auctions?

A. There will be no limitations to how many people will be able to receive and view live auction results.

Q. Will buyers be able to place bids remotely?

A. No, the app has not been designed to allow for remote bidding at this stage.

Q. How do I get started setting up an account with eAuctions?

A. Click the “Start my FREE trail” button and follow the instructions.

Q. Do I need an iTunes account to download the apps?

A. Yes, in order to activate the apps and enrol for the service an active iTunes account is required.

Q. How quickly will bids appear onto the public website once they are placed?

A. In less than 1 second, assuming there is a strong network connection.

Q. What happens if I lose network connection or am out of range?

A. The agent app will continue to operate by capturing and recording the bids, however the public users will not be able to receive the bids until the network connection is restored.

Q. Will I need a connection to a carrier network?

A. Yes, the Agent app will require connection to a wireless or 3G/4G network.

Q. What happens to the data that is collected?

A. The data will be stored on secure servers and will be available within your account.

Q. When will the automated connections be available that will allow integration into my CMS/CRM environments?

A. We don’t have a firm date at this point in time.

Q. Will the app be able to automatically connect into my backend systems?

A. Not at this stage, we have a manual function for sending the reports