How it works

Say goodbye to scraps of paper with shorthand scribbled bids and say hello to the future of capturing bid data. eAuctions Agent is an app that electronically captures and records bids at auctions.

A simply designed bid entry screen allows agents to input each bid quickly and accurately.

The bids are then pushed live and in real time via the eauctionslive website to any mobile device allowing people to view the auction results from wherever they are.

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View live bids in real time online

Capture live auction bids as they happen via the bid calculator, no more chicken stratchings on a scrap of paper!

View live bids in real time online via the eAuctions website wherever you are. Never miss a thing.

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Create Auction Listings

From the Register tab setup your account. With your login details activate the app. From the main menu simply select the “add auctions” tab, fill in the property details and save the listing. Then publish the listing to the eAuctions website.

Auction History

View Auction History

A digital record of each auction is captured, securely stored and backed up. From within the app simply select the “auction history” tab that will display all of your completed auctions.

Auction Data

Capture Auction Data

The app digitally records the start time, opening bid, time of each bid, total number of bids, vendor bids, when the property is on the market and when the property is sold or passed in. An electronic report is then generated which can be sent via email to your nominated backend system.